Sunday’s always seem to call for an extra dose of pretty, especially when the weather is grey and the week ahead is bound to be busy. Loving feminine and delicate details, unexpected sparkle, the beauty of black and white, ethereal textures, and pops of pink in any shade.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted decor inspiration on the blog, but I couldn’t help myself when I came across this gorgeous loft space. It combines three of my favourite design elements at the moment: rustic wood, textured white, and lucite accents, and I love the addition of the blue neon light above the bed, especially how it ties in with the colour of the hallway doors. This is one interior space I would recreate in a second.

[images via pinecone camp]

Every summer I begin a new love affair with white lace. There’s something so dreamy and magical about the fabric, and there’s no denying its fairy tale quality. Feminine and whimsical, there are so many different styles and ways to wear lace, whether it’s a flowing maxi dress, trimmed shorts, or the perfect blouse.

[images via pinterest]

I always have my eyes out for inspirational lookbooks from other retailers and designers, and Planet Blue is consistently among my favourites. At Bicyclette we’ve been told that we have a bit of a west coast vibe, and I think that often comes through in our styling and tendencies towards bohemian pieces with an edge and a dash of glitz.

Needless to say, we’re loving this lookbook, entitled ‘White Hot’, specifically for the abundance of ivory lace, tangles of sparkly jewellery on both necks and arms, and shimmering makeup. This is what the Holidays are all about, am I right?

[images via Planet Blue]

We always love the opportunity to peek into the workspaces of other inspirational businesses, so when Kimberley Gordon of Wildfox posted images of the showroom on her blog, it was the perfect opportunity to take a look at the behind-the-scenes set of one of our favourite lines. Not to mention the fact that there are a number of previews of the new jewellery line, their collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell, and the expanded White Label collection that is launching for Spring ’12. Talk about eye candy.

We’ve definitely drawn inspiration from the space, and with the white and pastel palette, feminine feel, vintage details and touch of whimsy, it’s very in line with Bicyclette. And can we please talk about those swings? Currently brainstorming ways to incorporate that idea into the shop. Love the merchandising possibilities they would present!

[images via ilovewildfox]

We’re always on the lookout for interior and decor inspiration (as you can tell from our overflowing ‘Decor‘ board on Pinterest), so when we noticed that Tori of Sitting In A Tree Events was featured on The Glitter Guide, we knew we were in for a treat. With an incredibly eclectic feel and a mix of various styles, the palette of white with pops of colour and accents of gold is right up our alley, and we’re loving the quirky items and personality that are infused throughout her home. A little bit feminine, a little bit glitzy and a whole lot of fabulous.

[images via The Glitter Guide]

I fell in love with Kimberley Gordon’s (of Wildfox) home when she posted photos on her blog the other day. It’s always refreshing to see “real” spaces that are lived in and perfect in their imperfections. The dreamy white, pale palette with hints of pastels, rustic and retro feminine touches is similar to my design aesthetic, and what we strive for at the shop as well, so it’s perfect to draw inspiration from.

I’ve been slacking on my countdown, but quite honestly I just haven’t had the time, as I attempt to get everything ready for the shop opening… in one week! Crazy. Thought I would share a few of the pieces I’ve acquired over the last week, which are all in various stages of refinishing and customization. There’s a lot of white, and I’m focusing on creating visual texture with various fabrics and wallpapers.

It’s all coming together, and I couldn’t be more excited.

First of all, can you believe there’s only five days until Christmas? How did that happen?

I just wanted to share a little daily inspiration, especially because these decor images remind me a little of the aesthetic I was going for with the Bicyclette Holiday Pop-Up Shop, and they’re so magical. White fur, vintage luggage, a pale palette and luxe details.

[source unknown. if you know, pass it on!]

White washed walls. Streaming sunlight. Accents of colour. A vintage aesthetic and carefully constructed vignettes. This is what my dreams are made of. White is often thought to be sterile and lacking in personality, but I find it to be quite the opposite, a blank canvas and an opportunity to play with texture and details.


I love the rustic details, the imperfections in the chipping paint and the coziness that is exuded. There’s a story here, and the vignettes of found objects and various trinkets communicate this.

I can’t wait to start putting together the bicyclette studio (more on this soon!), drawing inspiration from interior’s such as these. The hard part will be incorporating functional workspace into the mix.