Collaborations really excite me. One thing about having your own business and essentially being a one-woman team is missing out on the opportunity to share ideas and skill sets with other team members. Which is why, when I have the chance to work with someone on a new project, I always jump at the chance. Especially someone whose work I’ve secretly been admiring from afar.

With the majority of Bicyclette merchandise now in the studio and the website currently in development, it’s about time to think about product shots and look books. And so, I am pleased to introduce you to Shelby Fenlon, aka Lola Haze, who will be working with Bicyclette as photographer.

Shelby’s aesthetic is very closely aligned to that of Bicyclette, which I think is why I have been so drawn to her work. With a vintage aesthetic, an awe-inspiring ability to capture natural light and ethereal beauty and a tendency towards abstract composition there’s an undeniable and somewhat mysterious allure to each shot.

Here’s a brief sampling, enjoy.

Shelby’s work can be found on Flickr and Tumblr. And hopefully on the blog again!


  1. Alex on said:

    Wow. These are amazing images. I can’t wait to see the finished look book!

  2. Heather on said:

    Absolutely gorgeous. She has a great eye and the muted colours are perfect, almost sepia. You two are going to make magic!

  3. kim armstrong on said:

    Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more from her

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  5. Michelle on said:

    I love collaborating with people as well–it pushes you harder, I think. And who can resist glitter?!

  6. paige (bicyclette) on said:

    My thoughts exactly!

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